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Well...this is an interesting situation...
having done some soul searching, i now know what i want. 
I'm back, stronger and better than i ever was. To those who have missed me or noticed my disappearance, thank you for your concern. i wont be overly active, however i will be here on occasion. Now..for the News

I'm slowly retracting myself from the sonic community. thought i still love the franchise, i no longer have he urge to create work based on it. some of you may be upset due to this, and i apologize, but i hope you can support my decision as an artist, and as a person that i just do not have the same love for it that i used to. Though i will still admire artwork created for the franchise, i have no intention of continuing work on it myself. This does NOT mean i am giving up my Sona, so do not even attempt to purchase/steal it. There is a slight chance that i may draw him on occasion, but i do not keep it as a priority.

I have a re-ignited love for Pokemon and i see any work i do leaning more in that direction. i am considering a project which includes a new game. any of those interested in collaborating please contact me and we can discuss this. As far as what work i'm looking into? i intend to take my hand at writing again, and possibly looking into Pixel based work and Digital pieces. thought progress is slow due to my prior engagements now.

I hope that i can keep those watching me interested, and i apologize for my absence. Also please note, you can request my skype should u wish to keep in contact with me.  Thankyou everybody. Im back!
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Between work, my life and other stuff i got going on..i honestly don't have time for DeviantArt anymore. I've met alot of amazing people here, and some not so savory, but I've learnt alot in the time i've been around. Almost 3 years man! probably more than that. 
Unlikely ill remove this channel, ill probably leave i up as an Archive or something. 
Nothing is Certain as to right now, whether i leave or not, but i thought it was important to let people know what i have planned. I just feel like i'm lacking inspiration right now, don't have the want to upload because im not happy with my art style or with what i actually have right now. On top of which, a lot of negativity in the community and bashing among fans of a franchise makes me lose respect for a franchise i've held dear to my heart since i was 5..and that's a sad realization. So im thinking of expanding out into new franchises, and trying to avoid ridiculous arguments over Shadows Eye colour or who peoples OTPs are. 
So Im going to be on an extended leave for now, ill let you guys know the situation when i get back. Some Notices of Importance will be posted below. Ill try to answer questions as they are given to me, but i cant promise anything. 
Ill seeya around guys. 






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Journal Entry: Tue Dec 11, 2012, 10:26 AM

Hey Guys, Blitz here
I apologize for the lack of activity and my prolonged absence, but due to undisclaimed reasons i have not been able to be on DA or most of my browsing sites recently. However, things are slowly adjusting themselves and i will soon hopefully have more time for you guys here on DA. Anyway now for the real news:


I recently and secretly... created a new YT channel, PixelSoda18 which im currently designing for and getting plans ready for videos. I intend to make the channel for a variety of things, mainly commentary and playthroughs for Video games, animations, maybe speedpaints. Hopefully might try my hand at Pokemon WIFI battling if i get the chance. Definatly wanna try and do a Minecraft series for either or both Vanilla and Tekkit. Future plans involve a fully decked out Batcave and a pretty sweet base if i can manage XD
Most playthroughs will be games I can handle on my Laptop, emulators and PC versions. So please tell me what you guys wanna see, and ill be broadcasting in the near future so stay tuned ;D
Hedgehog Adventures will be animated and masterised too....


Ive really been getting into Minecraft recently and im going to be making a Tekkit server and hopefully a Minecraft server (if I can afford the Vanilla one) for you guys to come hang out and just have fun building up whatever epicness comes to mind. or even helping out with projects if you want ;D
As stated, I'm going to be doing a playthrough/guide/derp adventure on my new channel soon, as well as mod reviews and maybe tutorials (if im smart enough XP ) I really want to try and get a contract with YT or whatever its called, to help out with money, and plus id think it be epic to entertain you guys, so lets hope for the best.


HA IS being worked on, so don't panic. Been kinda hard to find the time to work on it. also working on a few arty pieces and trying to find myself a new style which I like, try and move forward and get better. Got myself a new headset and mic, so I'll be able to record REALLY soon as I get the software for recording sussed. Finally, thinking of doing a new rendition of a Christmas story, not sure which yet. Edward Scissorhands came to mind, as did Jack Frost and Great Escape. BUT, ill let you guys decide, keep an eye out for poll spamming XD.

Thats about it from me Guys, ill talk to you all soon, and have an awesome day! CYA!
-Blitz a.k.a Pixelz
 ~Putting the Fizz Back into your Day!

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After 4 years..of saving...ive finally done it
ive finally bought a new computer!
I got a brand new Sony Vaoi E Series with 8GB Ram, 4.6Ghz Dual Core and Over 400GB of HDD
I love this thing so much. I'm just transferring over my files, passwords, programs etc. so ill be a bit inactive for the next day or so
but im sooo happy right now :L

i need some help, i need to find a new YT user name, cause I'm going to be doing videos soon. Flash, AMVs, and Gaming Videos but i need a new Username
If you have any Ideas please comment Below or send me a note.
Thanks guys
Blitz <3
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Firstly a big thankyou to all those who have advertised my appeal to your friends/watchers/Deviants, i really appreciate you care and support as does my mom. Ive just managed to get on after work, and ive seen my journal being sent around and i really wanted to thankyou all from the bottom of my heart. Now to my updates:

I have now got a functioning Paypal Account that is Payable into. Please note that Transactions via paypal incur a fee to the recipient (me) and i believe to the transponder (you). In order to ensure that your contributions are not taken up mostly by the Paypal, please try and contribute at least £5.00 (about $6.50 i think). Every little bit helps guys, and i really appreciate the support. If you wish to make a contribution, please note me and i will give you the paypal email address.

Im aiming to raise around £1500-£2000 and to those who contribute i will be writing up a small "Wall of Fame" of Contributors in the Journal, should you wish for your contribution to be recognised, as shown below:
"DeviantFriend" Donated "£5.00"
Thats about it guys, so thanks so much for taking interest. Love you guys

--Please Give Generously--
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Those who still give a shit and read my journals, may remember a journal a while back explaining my financial situation, regarding me, and my mom. Well..the sadists among you will be happy to know its gotten worse... Me and my mom risked being evicted from our home, if i didnt do some kind of full-time/ part-time education. Because my mom is unable to work due to her various illnesses and clinical depression, she has to receive maintenance from the government. However, to do this..she must..or rather..i criteria..
-Not working
-under 19
-Not in University
-Doing some kind of College/Tuition/Traineeship
It would seem simple...WRONG
you order for my mom to receive her money...i'm at the mercy of the slave-drivers who put me to work in my trainee course. I work 8 hours a day for £10 ($15), with no break, and i come home with injuries all over my hands, because i work in a kitchen. FURTHERMORE, i have to do a shitton of paperwork, and be pressured by the kitchen staff, who threaten to take my wages should i "slack off". So that leaves 18 year old, with no future career prospects, maintaining a home and my mom, and working myself to death...nice right?
almost all of my money goes to help my i have nothing to sustain myself..i have little to no savings...and anytime i need to get something new for myself..i have to see all my old things...which i have now run out of...I have nothing to money for myself...and soon...i wont have a job either...and the likelihood and my mom will go homeless...
Im trying desperately to save up money for try and go to the US to bumpstart a new career and new opportunities to start over...I have no possibilities of a future here...unless i want to find myself in a box and begging for change...IF im lucky.
Im currently trying to get paypal right now...and i will update you as soon as i can get it..But please..this is an appeal..Please Donate Money for doesnt have to be alot..but anything helps..Im afraid i cant offer commissions, as my current computer isnt capable of delivering. Its the reason i can barely be online anymore...
Please find it in your hearts to consider...
I'll update when i have it set up...
Thanks guys...
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Or have things been like...Dead everywhere...
DA is boring as hell now :c
Tumblr is kinda ok i guess, but it kinda lacks that social stimuli, like a live chat or messaging.
Youtube for me now is just another resource for work, or for projects.
Facebook sucks major butthole...cause its just so boring :/

Before you guys rage and bitch and be all like "FaC3B0oK IZ DAH B3zt EVAHH!!!!111!?!!" im just gonna say it..I dont give a shit about your perceptions about it. Facebook is a fake attempt at making friends. 1,000,000 Friends on Facebook is hollow, its lifeless, because those aren't you REAL friends. Real friends, you can talk to on a daily basis, Emailing, Messaging, Calling, Skyping (my new word STFU). If you get to know people better, you will realise about 98% of those "Friends" are dickholes.
Now i could just be a pessimistic asshole, and i'll be fine if you call me out on it. But its all about how different people have opinions, and how they interpret the world.

Now that my mini-rant is over, I've been contemplating getting a new computer. I currently have a HP Pavillion DV6000, which a piece of shit...It always dies on me, it freezes, it cant process anything, and its LITERALLY falling apart. The rear panels are being held on with duct tape. furthermore, it overheats and buzzes like a mofo. So guys, heres what im asking...
i desperately need to get a new one, which can handle my programs, and my need for more capacity. I would really appreciate some suggestions for new laptops. and no, netbooks aren't an option, cause i hate those tiny things D<
I was considering getting a newer Mac, but i REALLY need Windows compatibility for programs and stuff. So maybe a *cough* bootlegged Windows on Mac running gear would work good. But its a faff to sort out, and getting a new(ish) computer would just be easier. Please leave comments with suggestions, leaving details of needs below.

- 8GB+ RAM
- 500GB+ HDD
- Fast Processor (Quad Core or i5 works well)
- Windows 7 compatibility
- Decent Make/Model
- Reasonable Priced (up to £500)
- Good Condition Second hand would be acceptable, but has to be CLEAN

Please Help me D:
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Hey Bros hows it going?
i have decided to scrap my 100 Theme challenge, but instead im making up a challenge of my own, which i find is much more meaningful and indulgent. Plus, it will involve u guys. The Meme is Called: The 100 Song Challenge
Official Rules Below:

This is an Artist Challenge which can be issued or taken up by any artist/writter/lyricist/etc.
The Aim of this Challenge, is to create a compilation of 100 Pieces of Work which must be related to a Song Title, Lyric or Lymeric.
The Titles or Lyrics of the Songs, can be voted upon by the watchers, but at least 10 songs Must be chosen by the Artist Before starting the Challenge.
The Finished piece, must have the Song/Lyric mentioned within EITHER its Title or Description, and with a link (where possible) to the song in question.
Songs do not have to be done in order (Shuffle Mode)
Parodies/Jokes must be done TASTEFULLY
Have Fun!

My Playlist:
Please comment, with suggestions for Songs, leave links, as it will help me, if ive never heard of them

1. Goyte - Somebody that I used to Know
2. Atomic Kitten - Sunshine through my Window
3. DragonForce - Through the Fire and the Flames
4. Justin Timberlake -Seniorita
5. Robbie Williams - Angels
6. Michael Jackson - Black or White
7. UB40 - Red Red Wine
8. Lionel Richie - Hello
9. Police - Walking on the Moon
10. Eddy Wata - La Bomba

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Tagged by Amuzoreh Thanks Kay -3-

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6. No tag backs.
7. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people

1. What's your favorite colour?
  I Like Lime Green
2. What kinda music do you listen to?
  I Like Rock, Country, Reggae, and Anything that u can shake your ass to.
3. What's your favorite fandom?
  Pokemon or Sonic
4. What's your favorite game?
  Too Many Choices D:
5. Cats or dogs?
   Lol Cats Suck :P
6. Summer or Winter?
   Summer <3
7. Chocolate or Fruite?
   Chocolate coated Raisins =w=
8. Madonna or Micheal Jackson?
   Thats like saying Air or Water, cant live without Either
9. What was your favorite childhood TV show/cartoon?
   SatAM, Sonic Underground, Ed Edd n' Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Pokemon, Digimon, list goes on forever. I FUCKING LOVE CARTOONS!!
10. What's your favorite gaming platform?
   My Computer, i has a world of gaming at my keyboard ;D

My Questions
1. Ur Stuck on a Desert Island, whats your only resource?
2. Choose one, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle
3. There are 649 pokemon, Good or Bad?
4. Finish this Sentence, "95 Bottles of Pop on the Wall, 95 Bottles of Pop..."
5. PB&J or Nutella?
6. One thing u would change about me?
7. One thing u would change about yourself?
8. First Thing that comes to your head when i say "Egypt"
9. Whats your Favourite Song
10. I herd u Leik Mudkips, True or False?

I Tag...

You Momma in bed XD

and now my List:
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My internet provider has been doing "maintenance" in my local area, so about 90% of people who HAVE internet by them for the last week or so, have had limited to no access. this of course, includes me.
For those who have spoken to me on skype, it is because skype servers are separate, and you do not need the Web to access it, or rather, your connection does not need to exceed local connection.
so now for the rant.. i suggest you dont read if your in a bitchy mood
What the fuck is wrong with DA?
god forbid, they pull down work which is stolen, recoloured, etc. But seriously? Who the hell is running their Copyright office?!
in ALL of my deviations, i have always claimed i own things which belong to me, and what doesnt belong to me. Of course, the Admins have no clear concept, of what usage of material is. in the past, i have used some images from Cartoons, Games or what have you, to create motivational posters, Stamps and in general things which were designed to entertain or amuse my watchers. and today, i finally got online, to see..wait for it..
22 NOTES!! all from the DA staff! they have virtually taken down ALL of my Posters and Stamps!
WTF?! Ive seen HUNDREDS of these shits on DA and why am I the only one to have to take mine down. I refuse to fill in a fucking form, just because some idiot in the DA office cant understand the concept of inside jokes around a series.
I have come to this conclusion. Artists on DA now, have no freedom to make stamps, saying they support something, because it "infringes copyright" and therefore, makes about 80% of all stamps on DA not useable.
FURTHERMORE, it seems motivational posters, are now ALSO disallowed, so webcams will become a lot more interesting..

I swear..what the fuck has happened to the DA i joined 3 years bitterly disappointed in this site, and how its communities have turned south. i've seen about 30 characters who look exactly like mine, but then again i blame myself, cause i lack creativity, but at least i try to make my story interesting. okay, so these characters are not EXACTLY like mine, but they are a pair of shoes away, or a change of colour, or 2 bangs away, from being the same. I'm beginning to lose faith, in a community i have defended since the age of 11, and followed since i was 6. I'm not saying its everybody, by no means, but seriously...there are those small pockets of ignorance that cause us all grief, and who are slowly killing this fandom. I know of 10 people who have left, or who have quit the community, and its not because of the art, that's not the point. Its the people in it, the way artists are treated, and the way in which artists have no support from staff to defend themselves. If i ran this site, things would be VERY different. for one the system would work. but sadly..this is not the case. So some of you..take a look at yourselves and think hard about how you treat others. cause i would bet you would hate it if somebody threw shit at you. and not to make this whole community feel any worst, i spent some time with  the pokemon clubs and some people around those communities, spriters, artists, the whole lot. There was a stark contrast...
everybody is willing to help each other defend their work, as well as improve and learn. Its a lot more supportive, and even the "popular" artists, aren't so far up their own asses that they are willing to talk to anybody who asked for help or advice, or even who just say hello, and they do not care about "street cred" or how it looks if they talk to people. They aren't snobby, they aren't assholes, and they don't just block people without reasoning.
I'm not going to point people out, i'm not calling out anybody or stating names, cause you guys know who you are..

Some honesty on my part, its the total disrespect of the fandom, which has caused me to lose motivation to work on art right now. i'm TRYING to make some new chapters, some new art. but right now..i'm considering making a fresh start...
rip all the art down in my gallery, and start new, with a clear mind, and rebuild my gallery.
Ill leave my writing up, and ill eventually come around to finish off season 1 of my series. But let it be known...
I'm on the verge of getting up and leaving this community behind, going to somewhere where i feel like people give a shit about each other.
To those who read up to hear without throwing a bitch fit, i thank you, your probably one of the few people who actually will be able to understand how i feel, or the whole problems with the system and community. Feel free to comment with your opinions, but dont try and sway my opinion. I am here to speak my mind, and say what i think.
Seeya around


- - - - EDIT - - -

To further prove i have done nothing wrong, here is the FAIR USE policy from Copyrighters

"When a copyright holder sues a user of the work for infringment, the user may argue in defense that the use was not infringement but "fair use." Under the fair use doctrine, it is not an infringement to use the copyrighted works of another in some circumstances, such as for commentary, criticism, news reporting, or educational use. The defense generally depends on a case-by-case judgment of the facts.

Fair use is codified at Section 107 of the Copyright Act, which gives a non-exclusive set of four factors courts will consider in deciding whether a use is fair or not. These factors are

the purpose and character of the use,
the nature of the copyrighted work,
the amount and substantiality of the portion used, and
the effect of the use on the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.
Of course, even with these factors, it is problematic and often unyielding to try to predict what uses a court will deem fair."

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(1) Insane
(2) I'd marry you
(3) I'd hit that
(4) Sarcastic
(5) Generous
(6) Retarded
(7) Pretty/Handsome
(8) Smart
(9) Creative
(10) Random
(11) Drama llama
(12) Funny
(13) Moron
(14) I wish I were you
(15) Tough
(16) Untalented
(17) I wish you were dead
(18) I love you
(19) Fake
(20) Irritating
(21) A great friend
(22) Stuck Up
(23) Weird
(24) Perverted
(25) Bitchy
(26) Shy
(27) My best friend
(28) An Inspiration
(29) Dirty tease
(30) Pure evil
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After a long time..
i think i can Resurrect myself from the shattered remains of my old dead life. As a person..i can say i have made many mistakes in my life..many i'm not proud of, and which i do not feel at full disclosure to tell the world. But i can say this much..I am rising from the darkest depths of my soul to become a new man..a man who can feel proud of who he is, a man who can earn the respect of others, and not hurt those around him. I want to be a new person...I need to be a new person.
Some of you may never notice a change, and that's fine, because your not the one who has to live with me. In order to live with myself, I've had to overcome obstecals, Mental, Physical and Emotional, to put me on a path which i hope will yield happiness,  for myself and for others. Despite my darkest thoughts, provocations or deeds, i never meant any of it..It was mearly a desperate and selfish cry for attention, as i wallowed in my own filth of self pity. I have cleansed my mind and body of this wretched image of myself..and i aim to pursue a new life..
One in which people will remember me a good person..a person who showed compassion and care, who loved and nurtured those who he held dear. I aim to mend bridges..or rebuild them if i have burnt them to the ground...
A new age has come about me..i am no longer going to be, the neurotic, selfish and Childish person i once was, but now look upon life with a smile upon my face and a prayer in my heart which extends the best wished to others. I want to be a person who can enjoy life, with a casual attitude, and enjoy the company of those around me...
So here i am..budding anew, growing into a mature individual, who has learnt from his shortfalls, and is going to put a negative past behind me..only to look...for a brighter tomorrow...If a journey of a thousand miles, starts with single step, then i best get a running start at it.

With my new lease on life, please expect me to be progressing artistically as well, i have found new inspiration in my work, and i will be continuing where i left off..taking on new challenges, and hopefully improving, and branching out where possible. To all my watchers, friends, family..i thankyou..for making me, who i am today
God Bless
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Hope You Have an Super Awesome Birthday to my incredible DA

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Do u know what day is today???
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Its your BIRTHDAY!!!!
happy Birthday yuna
here's a
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Heres your B-Day cookie. :


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Re-Naming Account

Sat Jun 16, 2012, 3:33 PM

Im Re-naming my Account. Ive been meaning to do this for a while, but i keep getting Distracted
From now on, this account will be named "XxBlitz-HedgiixX
Just thought i would tell you guys in case you try and find me and dont find me XD

Anyway, on a Side note, MY BIRTHDAYS ON THE 22nd =3
and i got my final exam on the 18th! So im Buzzing =u=

Ill Catch u guys Later!

-Blitz Hedgii

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Somebody to Love...

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 3, 2012, 1:28 PM

"Each morning I get up I die a little
Can barely stand on my feet
Take a look in the mirror and cry
Lord what you're doing to me
I have spent all my years in believing you
But I just can't get no relief, Lord!
Somebody, somebody
Can anybody find me somebody to love?

I work hard every day of my life
I work till I ache my bones
At the end I take home my hard earned pay all on my own -
I get down on my knees
And I start to pray
Till the tears run down from my eyes
Lord - somebody - somebody
Can anybody find me - somebody to love?..."

Thankyou Freddie..You sang a verse from the Songbook of my heart..
I have to thank two very dear friends of mine, for helping towards my USA migration..i honestly dont know what i would do without them :heart:
but, right not in the best of places..
Alot of stuff has been going on for me, both inside and outside of my Internet Life, and its just getting to me a little.
I've ended up single again, but it wasnt a bad breakup..infact im happy for her, that shes been able to find true happiness, which sadly, didnt mean me.

So yeah, im single again, first i was okay with, but now..i just need to try and move forward..try and focus on life a little, and just hope that theres a girl out there who would be willing to love me.. or guy...

I guess..if anybody wanted to be so to maybe talk to me..or anything..that would be nice..just to get my mind in a good place. So..thats pretty much it..Im up on the shop front once more...just gotta wait for somebody to walk into the store.
Seeya Guys

Blitz </3

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Dire Straights...

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 17, 2012, 3:21 PM

To all those who still read my journals anymore..
im in somewhat of a crisis...
My families poor background, the bad economy and my skills/qualifications..have landed me in a position of lets say...buggerey..
I have next to no money to my name, i am completely state dependant, and i have no way of making a solid wage. On top of that, if i were to go to University or College in this country, i would be forever chased for money, unable to pay it back, due to no jobs for Students and Young people, and ultimately living a life of poverty.
My only chance?
To move to the US and try and start a life for myself there...and yet..There still lies a problem...a sudden sharp increase in prices has meant my funds have dwindled to the point where i am unable to afford anything anymore. My few dreams are laying in tatters in front of me..and all because of a lack of money...and because people are unwilling to hire others to help them out...
I wish i could commission, but nobody likes my art, and i work so slowly, that nobody would want to commission me anyway...
I cant Work, I cant go to University, and I cant fly to the US...all because i have no money...
-sigh- sad times we live in...arent they?
If anybody to help

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Who is he?...

Wed Feb 29, 2012, 2:27 PM

I went into school the other day..
My friend looked at me in a strange way
He would look at me and then he would say
This guy made my bad day go away.
I would look at him and smile..
Then id stop to think for a while..
Just who is he?

I went into the mall and i would see
A kind old lady sat next to a tree
with a bruise on her knee and holding her locket
two full bags and three filled pockets
she smiled at me and then she would say
"This nice young gentleman  brightened my day"
Why is that ma'am, what did he do?
"When i fell, he collected my shoe"
"He refilled my bags and handed me my locket"
"and even gave me a tissue from his pocket"
i smiled and left her, and soon i would say
who was the nice young man, who brightened her day

I was alone at home, and alone in the mirror
My belly was empty, no mom meant no dinner
I gave a deep sigh and then i would say
I wish that guy was here to brighten my day..
I looked back at the mirror, and then it came to me
how was i so blind, and why didnt i see?
the one guy who could make a difference....was me...

A short sweet poem, with a powerful message, i hope you can appreciate it.  I dont do poetry often, i just felt inspired

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To all those..who know me...
who dont want to know me..or who wish they never met me...
i need to confess things...which are wrong with myself..which in turn have hurt others...

contrary to far from being the perfect person..
Im shallow, and care too much about my own appearance. I cant stare at myself in the mirror and be happy about myself..and because of this? i cry and i comfort eat..meaning i only make the problem worst..i have stretch marks on my body, which makes me look like i was a burn victim..and the sign of my body makes me cringe.. I have ruined skin and my hair is turning going grey..My skin is becoming pasty and pale, and my eyesight is failing. my lungs and heart no longer function properly and to help all this...i cut my wrists and drink in order to numb the pain of my own existance...

"Beauty isnt skin deep"
Yeah i know..i must be a fucking tramp..Im pesimistic in every meaning of the word. I find the fault in everything and i pick things apart and rip them down. I scrutinise everything, and im obsessive and compulsive. My inferiority complex causes me to freak out over little things and become overly competative and defencive over stupid shit. Im bipolar and manic depressive, so ill be smiling one minute, and slashing my wrists the next. I have developed alcoholism in a minor stage...i should really put a padlock on my liquor cabinet. I also freak out and follow my very primitive in that sense...and often..i end up making poor judgements because of it..

I look at myself...and im disgusted...i am ashamed to call myself on of gods creatures.
especially since i hurt a wonderful being today..
She opened herself to me...and tried to make things work for us..but im just too high maintenance to have been able a successful partner.. i dont blame her..she has her problems too..and i just wish i could have dealt with things better...but sadly, my cursed existance means  that im incapable of having any kind of meaningful relationship without self sabotaging it and crushing the ones i love and care for.. sorry the way things turned out...and i wish i could have done things differently...i love you..and always will...but i just cant deal with being with somebody right now...because of my own mental problems...and because of stuff i have to deal with. I just hope..maybe one day..i'll be able to make it up to you for my horrible mistake...and maybe mean more for you..than just a friend... sorry...a thousand sorry...
You deserve so much better than me...and i wish you every happiness...
even if that happiness...doesnt lie with me..
te amo..Cecilia...goodbye my love..
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YES! the pages have been taken down! all 3 of them!
Thanks guys so much for helping out!
that'll teach those theives!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -… guys have known me for 2 or 3 years.. you are WELL known to what my character looks like? right?
so what the fuck is this?!
Wikia!? this is bullshit! Its not even recoloured! (not that thats any better) This guy took my character, and just renamed and restoried it!
Hes taken work from
and a few others


now granted, we all started from stupid starts, probably recolouring something. BUT, dude...just taking a characters, both OC and Canon and mashing them into a story..FFS...ALL WITHOUT PERMISSION!
Whoever this has to stop. And if anybody knows how i can solve this. Please Help me!
seeya! im so fucking pissed off!
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Thu Jan 26, 2012, 2:22 PM

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1. Im tri-lingual (Italian, English, Learning Spanish)
2. I HATE Tags (*death glare at Kenta*)
3. Im a Smosh Fan
4. Sometimes i wonder what i look like as a woman, and have an inner monologue
5. Im NOT crazy, despite the alligations
6. Im going to the US in the Summer
7. Im making my own Pokemon Game using RPGMakerXP
8. I once ate a lizard steak
9. My favorite Colour is Green
10. You just lost the Game..

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Bad News...

Mon Jan 23, 2012, 3:49 AM

-sigh- well i feel like shit right now...
my mom and uncle have just been in a car accident, and they've both gone to the hospital. Im at my grandparents right i wont be on skype or DA for most of today, To make things worst...
i have an exam later DX

This is the last thing i needed to happen today...why does shit like this always happen to me..-sigh-
MY Granddad is leaving me at college in a few hours, lets just hope i can concentrate now..and my mom and uncle will be okay =(

ill seeya later guys...maybe..

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Tue Jan 17, 2012, 8:56 AM
Internet blackout tomorrow
IPs and Gaming not affected
so skype will work
but most online sites such as DA youtube and other sites which share media are most likely going to die for the day. they will return on the 19th
This is as a protest of #SOPA and #PIPA (The Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act) two pieces of legislation that are up for debate once again on January 18, 2012.

my Skype: blitz.hedgii
my skype is always active, so ill be in touch. remeber the stike takes place on the morning of Jan 18 and all normal services will resume on the Jan 19

Peace out

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