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Episode: 6 -  Chapter 3:  A Stormy Reception

There was a loud crash as the two collided. Their fists clashed and the air rippled as they connected.  The sonicbooms shook the area, causing windows and walls to crack. They both retreated from the brush with each other and stood on opposite sides of the mall's roof. The creaky generators whirred loudly and the winds buffeted the rooftops.  The ventilation ducts rattled in the stiff wind, with the screws being rattled loose from their mouldings. Between the two was a glass roof section, the Mall's Skylight. The feint sound of light music rang from inside as the light had an ambient glow. The City air was dark and the distance noises of civilisation were scattered in the wind. Dark storm clouds began to roll in as the two began releasing static sparks from their bodies.  Blitz looked up and charged his fists as his enemy did the same. As the two prepared themselves for battle, elsewhere a young fox was stirring...
Tails had secluded himself in a quiet room, trying to tap into the ruined and damaged cartridge. He began downloading its message, as it glowed eerily. Finally the file appeared on Tails' computer and he watched the same clip Blitz had been sent. Tails was alarmed and cried out, his scream instantly rose the house.
Sonic sat up briskly 'What's going on?' he yawned. He looked sleepily at Tail's bunk 'Did you have another nightmare Tails?' he began to wake up and realised Tails was not in his bunk. 'Huh? Tails? Where are you?' Sonic woke Knuckles and they went into the hallway to try and find Tails. They saw Blaze and Amy standing there in their pyjamas.
'What's going on?' they asked.
'Beats me, I just woke up..' shrugged Knuckles.
Tails ran up the stairs 'Guys! Something terrible is happening!' he exclaimed.
'Woah! Woah! Slow down little buddy...What happened?' asked Sonic.
Destiny raised her head off of the pillow and tried to reach over to Blitz, but all she felt was the cold emptiness of a barely warm pillow. 'Blitz?' she called concerned. She went over to the room's bathroom and knocked, she called him but heard no answer.  Destiny was scared and bolted for the door. 'Blitz is gone!' she cried.
'What?!' exclaimed Amy
'Oh no! This makes things worse!' panicked Tails 'Quick! Wake everybody! This is an emergency!'

Everybody was summoned downstairs as Tails began explaining. 'Blitz has gone off to face that guy on his own...'
'But why?' asked Emma
'Remember, when we all got hit by those red shards at the airport? Well..Since then we've been poisoned, we have been infected with nanobots inside us..which are explosive and..
'And what?!' asked Slyther forcefully
'Blitz has been forced to fight him to save us...' They all gasped at Tails' remark. 'That guy told Blitz he will deactivate them if he fights him, and I'm afraid Blitz has gone to face him...'
'That Coward!' snarled Mikau 'Manipulating Blitz like that'
'Um..I think everybody missed the part about...EXPLOSIVES INSIDE US!' protested Leo.
'Why didn't Blitz tell us?...' asked Tornado
'I'm guessing he didn't know, this message is dated for today, a few hours ago, and furthermore, he couldn't, as he would be endangering us...' Tails signed 'I know the location..but we need to get rid of those nanobots first..'
'Will that take long?' asked Sora
'Unfortunately, it takes time, at least 90 minutes until everybody will be safe' Tails said sadly.
'We have to hurry!' exclaimed Sonic
'They are probably fighting as we speak...' said Shadow

Meanwhile at the mall...

'Ha!!' Blitz and the figure continued to clash fists. Sparks flew from their hands as the static continued to build. Blitz lunged forward and delivered a fierce kick to the shoulder before sweeping the figures feet from under him and uppercutting him to the jaw. Blitz skirted around a little as the adrenaline built up in his body. The figure stepped back and gained composure.
'Impressive, your level has improved, but still far too weak.' huffed the figure
'We'll see about that!' Blitz dashed forward again and attacked the figure. They exchanged punches and kicks fiercely, and the figure began to strike back more violently. He jabbed Blitz in the ribs, and delivered a roundhouse kick which sent Blitz flying into a generator. Blitz cried out as he slammed into the old casing, leaving his imprint, dented into the panels. Blitz slammed his hands into the generator and began leeching power from it to charge himself. He instantaneously vanished and appeared in front of the figure with a charged fist.
'Take this!' Blitz drove his attack into the Figures gut, and launched him onto the next roof. Blitz leapt between the two roofs and then continued his assault on him. He struck his opponent with a several hit combo, he had pinned him against a wall and drilled his fists into him, causing the wall behind him to begin to crumble. Blitz grabbed him and threw him over his shoulder before fly-kicking him and causing him to ricochet over the rooftop.
The figure rose and got up. 'You..insolent child..'he coughed, he charged his hands and began launching bolts of lightning at Blitz
'Uh-oh.' Blitz began dodging the bolts and retaliated with his own attacks. The storm clouds began to build more around the rooftops, and thunder began rumbling overhead.  The two raced towards each other, with their fists sparking and streaming lightning behind them.  They shot lightning bolts forward causing a giant flash. As they went to connect with each other, Blitz sidestepped slightly and out-sped his opponent, making him able to strike his shoulder. As they connected they rebounded away from each other and a large bolt of lightning shot down from where they had connected. Blitz was holding onto a piece of the shroud he was able to rip from his opponent.
'Hehe..look like I got it...' grinned Blitz, his opponent was facing away from him 'Now! Show me who you really are!'
'As you wish...' The figure turned and gazed directly at Blitz
Blitz gasped and recoiled 'N-no...I-It cant be...' Blitz said horrified as he dropped the cloth.

A navy hedgehog stood in front of Blitz, his muzzle was a dark tan with a deep gashing scar down his cheek from where Blitz had removed his eye. His one bionic eye glinted a menacing red, whilst his original eye was a penetrating mustard colour. His quills were long and spiny, with the ends worn and split, a large clump of hair hung down over his cybernetic eye. One of his pointed ears seemed to have been somewhat chewed and his tail, like Blitz's, was abnormally long. He wore dark cargo pants and shirt, with his armour on top of that, his dark brown robe, which had now been frayed at the neck. The figure laughed menacingly. 'I see you recognise me....Son..'
'No...You CANT be him...' shook Blitz. He felt paralysed in his Place 'I refuse to believe you!'
'Come off it Boy! Think about it...' The figure walked towards him 'I know everything about you...Where you came from...How you lived your life...Who your mother is...' Blitz' eyes widened 'Dont tell me you forgot...That Saber Lanceman adopted you. Your NOT his son. You're Mine, now..I suggest we drop this nonsensical fighting, come with me.'
'Never!' Blitz snapped fiercly
The figures eyes sharpened and shot forward. He appeared in front of Blitz and delievered a sharp punch to his Ribs. Blitz was sent rolling backwards and bouncing off the roofs surface near a ledge. 'You were always stubborn, Just like your mother!' He continued to strike Blitz. Blitz was able to land on his feet near the edge but quickly lost his balance and began to fall backwards. He wailed a little before the figure grabbed Blitz by his necklace.
'Who do you think gave you this necklace...I am the reason you have everything! Now I come with me now..or I will make you regret your decision to defy me..' snarled the figure. Blitz looked at him sternly and spat into his face. He warped out of his hands and appeared behind him, kicking him to back of the head. The figure began to fall forward but grabbed Blitz and threw him over the edge of the building. Blitz was sent hurtling off the side of the 23 storey building, falling down towards the ground. Blitz saw there was a neon sign beside him and quickly rammed his fist into it, trying to slow himself down. He dug in deep as sparks flew from his hands. As Blitz began to slow, to his horror the bolts holding the sign sheered under the pressure.
'Damn it!' Blitz saw the concrete beneath him approaching quickly. 'Lets home this works....' He charged his fist with a large bolt and shot down to try and cushion his landing. Within seconds Blitz struck the ground hard, vanishing in a cloud of dust and debris. He panted heavily as he was on one knee. But just as Blitz was trying to catch his breathe, he heard a loud sparking from above. Blitz looked up and saw the navy hedgehog baring down on him with a powerful lightning bolt. Blitz quickly put up barrier between them and as the attack his, a large shock-wave shot through the street. The windows shattered and the road began to crack and get dug up by the force of the impact, as the concrete rippled. As the dust settled, Blitz and the Hedgehog were in a crater from where the impact had taken place. The Hedgehog looked at Blitz
'Why do you continue to oppose me' he snarled
'Because I will never abandon my friends, or degrade myself to your level' snapped Blitz
'You inconsiderate Brat! Your nothing but a demon!'
Blitz' eyes lowered and he smirked darkly 'Your right...I am a demon..' His fur darkened and red lightning began to swirl around his arms. He shot forward and appeared behind the hedgehog, he kicked him forward before warping in front of him and kicking him back up into the sky. Blitz launched himself upwards and began viciously attacking the hedgehog with lightning spikes claws. The hedgehogs armour began to crack and wear under the pressure of the attacks. Blitz drove him into the roof of the Mall and bombarded him with bolt strikes and powerful combos. The hedgehog got back to his feet
'Ahh..there is the demon...' he smired. Blitz was hovering in front of him his wings had sprouted and  his eyes were fixated on the hedgehog.
'Just who are you?' said Blitz coldly
'Necros Arashi...The person who created you' Necros ran at Blitz 'And the one who will destroy you!'  As Necros jumped up at Blitz, Blitz dodged the attack and kicked him upwards. He spread his wings and launched a cloud of charged feathers at Necros, causing his armour to shatter from the hundreds of impacts. Blitz then charged up a lot lightning almost becoming completely cloaked in it.
'What do you think your doing?' snarled Necros. Blitz shot up a giant bolt into the sky. The sky rumbled loudly and there were sparks illuminating the Sky. Blitz held up his hands before bringing them down swiftly. As he did so, a giant lightning bolt shot down fro the sky, engulfing Necros is a sea of sparks and light. He was slammed into the roof and he seemed to vanish in the radiance of the lightning. Parts of buildings began to crumble and fall to the streets below as sparks set fire to the trees on the sidewalk below. Blitz' wings vaporised and he dropped onto the roof, his body sparked and jolted a little as his fur returned to normal. He panted and gazed at Necros with his singed fur.
'I-impressive...Child..' Necros slowly rose, his armour breaking away from him and his charred fur smoking. 'It's been a long time since anybody has destroyed my armour completely.' He slowly stood. 'But it will take more than that to finish me!'
'Bring it!' the two lunged forward and began clashing again. As they faught, they smashed through the roofs glass skylight and dropped down through the mall. The kicked away from each other and landed on one of the walkways above from each other. Each on the opposite side of the mall as they began to race down the walkways. They launched lightning bolts at each other before jumping at each other again and clashing attacks. With their forward momentum they crashed into the elevator as the doors shut behind them.

They stood up in the elevator, there was a light refreshing and somewhat comedic music inside it. The two looked at each other with a somewhat awkward silence.
'Uh..What floor?' asked Blitz
'Ground I guess...' shrugged Necros. Blitz pressed the button and the two stood there in the waiting for the elevator to go down.
'Nice weather we've been having..' grinned Blitz awkwardly
'Oh yes..delightful' responded Necros. There was a ding as the doors opened and the two instantly clashed again, sparks flew across the mall as they attacked each other. Necros kicked Blitz into a pillar, causing him to smash through it. Blitz dashed back at him and the two vanished in mid air. They appeared and swiped past each other, causing the air to ripple. They appeared finally near the roof and crashed into each other with fierce lightning bolts. They crashed into a dark room with loud music and lights everywhere. The inside was disorientating and they clashed in the dark. Finally the two found an more illuminated part of the room. They clashed with combos of Kicks and gatling gun punches. As one struck the other in the chest, there was a loud call
'KO!' a large red Text displayed across the screen 'Player 1 Wins!'
'Oh yeah!' Blitz celebrated smugly. The two were in front of a arcade fighting machine and had gotten distracted by its appeal 'Whos your daddy!'
'Your Grandfather...' said Necros unimpressed.
'Damn it...' Blitz was shot out of the arcade and into a burger king with a powerful lightning bolt. Blitz rolled across the floor and flipped up and over the counter. He saw the drinks machine in front of him with milkshakes churning inside the industrial compressors, and a wicked idea shot across his mind. He grabbed the dispenser and crouched under the counter. Necros wandered into the restaurant
'Come on now..don't tell me you've given up...' taunted Necros
'EAT THIS!' Blitz jumped up and jetted Necros with the Pressurised Milkshakes
'ARGH! Saturated Fat!!' yelled Necros as he was blinded by the slurry
'Vanilla Bitch!' Blitz dropped the nozzle and fly-kicked Necros into a wall. He charged his hands and got into stance. And began striking Necros fiercely with flying palms of fury. With one final strike he send Necros flying through the wall. He rolled backwards and coughed as he got onto his hands and knees. He coughed a little blood and wiped his mouth as he stood up. Blitz bounced on his heels, ready to anticipate Necros' movements. A thin bead of sweat ran down Blitz' brow as his battered body began feeling the fatigue of the long-winded battle.
'It seems...we are both coming near our limits...' Necros punched through the marble floors and grabbed onto the electrical cables in the floor 'However...I'm tired of these games..i intend to finish this now!' Necros ripped up the cables and began absorbing large amounts of electricity from the power grid. The lightning crackled loudly and gave a screeching sound. The air around Necros began ionising and changing colour, as the lightning began to build around his body. Blitz began charging as well, he too taking power from the Grid. There was a bright flash between the two, as large bangs were heard throughout the Mall as the lightbulbs, signs and machines began shorting out and exploding from the electrical override. The whole mall was plunged into darkness, only the moonlight illuminating the damaged interior. The sparks from the machines had begun to set fire to the Mall. The small embers began to consume the mall, burning along the walkways and soon the interior was lit with a hazy glow of the choking embers. The two hovered in the middle of the mall, they were both now sparking and glowing. Their features had seemingly disappeared completely, only their outlines and eyes remained accented in a bright neon glow. Blitz glowed a bright cyan, whilst Necros glowed a malevolent crimson. The two shot forward clashing violently in mid air, releasing thousands of volts, causing the mall to shake and crumble from the impact. The two vanished into the circuit board, colliding and causing the wires to catch fire and explode whilst glowed red hot. They both clashed back in the main entry, causing two large orbs of energy to form, which decimated everything within a 15 yard radius, before imploding and scattering the debris at speeds faster than the speed of sound. The two shot up into the sky and the energy around them exploded into giant clouds of magnetic radiation and sparks rained down from the sky. The cities lights began to die out as the magnetic fields caused the grid across the city to fail.
'Now lets see...who will be the victory' said Necros, his voice echoing and booming.

Back at Tails' home, everybody had been de-contaminated of the Nanobots
'Okay guys, I think that'll do it' nodded Tails
'Alright! Let's get this show on the road!' said Ice excitedly. The lights suddenly cut out and the house was plunged into darkness
'What the hell?' said Slyther repugnantly
'I got it!' Liam and Leo said as they illuminated the room with their pyrokinesis. The room was bathed in an amber glow.
'Weird..we never get power cuts...' pondered Amy
'The backup will start up in a sec...' added Tails, as the house soon kicked back into life. 'There it is. I foresaw any events that may cut out the power, so I put in my own backup, which is shielded from any kind of interference I could think of.' he grinned
'What do you think caused the black out?' asked Maria
'Uh..guys...the northern lights don't ever show up here do they?' asked Sora concerned as he looked out the window. They all huddled around the window and saw a large stream of magnetic disturbances in the atmosphere above the city, which looked a lot like Aurora Borealis.
'These kinds of disturbances are normally a result of magnetic storms...' said tails studiously 'but..what would cause that..'
'Let's check out if the TV has anything on it' suggested Sonic as he turned on the TV
There was a report on TV...

"Here in the Downtown area, there has been high level electrical activity. Nobody knows the cause of the Static Discharges, but it has left the Mall and nearby building in ruins, and a large proportion of the area on fire. Citizens are warned not to proceed into the City, as there is a real risk of electrocution, or maiming from falling debris. More information as we uncover it. Dana Devita, Reporter, Mobius News." Sonic Turned off the TV

'Doesn't electricity cause a magnetic field to be produced?' asked Keira
'Yeah..but...that requires a lot of energy..' responded Tails. Tails' eyes widened as he came to a disturbing realisation 'Blitz! He must be causing it! His electrical powers..if he built up enough energy high up in the atmosphere..he could set off a magnetic storm! Especially if there are two electrical users, that build up could cause a serious storm!' he panicked
'Well what are we waiting for Tails!?' snapped Knuckles 'Are we ready to go?'
'Yeah come on!' They briskly left the house and made their way downtown, where the chaos was starting to unfold.
Destiny looked up at the storm before leaving 'Blitz...please be careful...'

Back at the Mall, the two were clashing brightly. Lightning rained down from the sky and began tearing up the roads and buildings. Blitz and Necros were shooting lightning at each other and discharging powerful bolts. Necros flew forward at Blitz and crashed him through a large building. The two struggled in the sky over the mall. Blitz flew up and charged his electricity, before releasing a large shockwave with spears of lightning raining down and crashing into Necros, before blasting thousand of bolts at him sending him into the Mall's roof. Blitz' glow began to weaken, Blitz waited for the dust to settle. Then suddenly he sensed a large energy presence above him. Blitz turned around to see Necros blasting down at him with a giant sphere of lightning. Blitz was shot down and blasted through the Mall, Necros followed him down before smashing him through the walls and into the streets. He kicked Blitz up into the sky before warping up and smashing him back into the ground with a powerful lightning packed kick. Blitz hurtled to the ground and smashed into the road below. He slammed down and the recoil caused him to cough up blood and the energy around him to dissipate. He lay there unable to move as he looked up. His eyes narrowed as he saw a giant rain of lightning bolts firing towards him. He shut his eyes as a tear ran down his cheek.
'My friends...I'm sorry...I've failed you..' The lightning engulfed Blitz and a large explosion emanated from the Street. A powerful shock wave was channeled down the road, and a wave of debris followed it. As Blitz' friends were running down the road, unaware of the danger Blitz was in, they saw this wall of power approaching them.
'Get Down!' called Slyther. They all dived to the floor whilst Slyther put up a large magnetic shield. The wall hit hard and the sound was deafening. When the cloud settled, Slyther looked woozie and slurred in front of everybody 'Woah~ That packed some serious juice man~' he seemed somewhat tipsy.
'Um..dude are you okay?' asked Leo concerned
'Im trippin man~' giggled Slyther
'Oh dear...he's on a magnetic high...' sighed Mikau
'Whatever lets go!' Shadow charged forward and they all followed him.

Necros released the remained of his energy and stood next to Blitz on the road. 'Looks like I win our little wager...' He picked Blitz up by the scruff of the neck. His body was limp and lifeless as he had lost all consciousness. 'Looks like I have no further business here..' He started to take off and fly off holding onto Blitz as a prize.
'HA!!' Ice charged into Necros and separated the two. Mikau and Slyther jumped up and began striking Necros to keep them apart. Sora and Leo went to catch Blitz.
'Dont touch him!' called Tails as Silver used his telekinesis to catch him 'His residual static could kill us if it built up enough.
'You meddling Pests! Stay out of this!' bellowed Necros
'You leave Blitz alone!' demanded Blaze
'You have no say in this pussy cat! I won a wager we had, I defeated him..therefore..he's mine. Besides, you are not in any danger. All I want is the boy.'
'Sonic look at this guy...He..looks like Blitz..' whispered knuckles
'Just who are you!?' demanded Knuckles
'I am Necros Arashi, Blitz' Father!' he snorted. Everybody was left in shock
'No way! He couldnt be the son of a Jerkoff like you!' snapped Liam. Necros snarled.
'Blitz is my brother! You leave him be!' said Tornado fiercly
'You're Lanceman's boy...Don't be so naïve, You know as well as I do, Blitz is adopted. He's MY son and hence, MY property.'
'We won't let you!' said Tornado angrily
'You will have to go through all of us!' added DJV
'Sadly..its not your choice..' smirked Necros 'Glade!'
'Oh boy~' Glade materialised and trapped them in cages of Sand before crystallising it into Diamonds. 'You guys aren't going anywhere!' he grinned
Knuckles pounded on the cage 'Dammit! Let us out!'
'Don't count on it' smirked Glade
'Now if you excuse us...' Necros picked up Blitz and began taking him away
'No!! Leave him Alone! Dont Take him away from me!' cried Destiny
'I'm sorry that you have a soft-spot for my son little girl..but he has important business to attend to. As a treat, those cages should break apart in about 20 minutes. But don't worry.. we'll be long gone by then..' Necros laughed and then vanished with Glade
'Blitz!!!' Destiny screamed before crying her eyes out. Her scream echoed through the city, whilst the fire trucks and paramedics began to arrive at the scene of the carnage.
'Damn It! Damn It! Damn It!' Tornado furiously kicked his cage
'I can't believe we were too late...' said Leo as he slumped in his Cage
'As soon as we're free...I'm going after them!' said Mikau determined
'Yeah! I'm with you!' added Vaan
'Dude~ I see the colours man~' laughed Slyther. Mikau sighed 'Oh Man! I Got the MUNCHIIIEES!!!' moaned Slyther
'Dear God..' sighed DJV
'I just hope he's okay...' said Emma sombrely.

Necros and Glade walked into their Base. They had abandoned Eggman's base as they didnt want him to interfere into Necros' plans. The base was a dugout cave in a ridge outside the city. As they walked in deeper, the walls were lit up with paneling. Computers lined the walls, and there was a complex array of machinery. At the end of the entrance way there was a shutter doorway. The doors opened and they slammed behind them.
'Okay Glade, You've done with your duties, go to your quarters'
'Yes Sir!' Glade left down the metallized hallways and disappeared into his room.
Necros carried Blitz over to a lab and put him inside a Fluid Chamber, inserting needles into his arms and back, as well as probes over his pressure points and an oxygen mask. 'Step one..into making my super soldier...' The tank filled with green fluid and pressurised. The computer next to the tank began running numbers down the screen. 'Computer! Begin phase 1, inject the beserker serum'
'Yes Sir' the computer buzzed, as an orange jelly was pumped down the pipes into Blitz via the needles. Blitz' body squirmed under the injection as his heart rate was accelerated.
'This serum...will enhance his cardioid-vascular capacity..the steroids will enhance his muscle growth and the chromosome stimulant will allow me to modify his DNA...' he laughed quietly 'When I experiment..and try and implement my own DNA substrate.' He looked over at a corpse he had in the chiller. 'Taking the DNA from this corpse...and attaching it to Blitz' genetic code...will give him this corpses ability...Those eyes..the ability to control energy so precisely. He will have zero blind extended sight range up to 500 yards...and the ability to paralyse foes, by abusing pressure points...He will be unstoppable...' He turned from the tank and stepped forward 'Of course..this means I will have to take measures so he will not defy me..The collar I used on Glade, along with his friend's health, should be leverage enough...' He turned to face the tank again 'That is...considering if he survives the intervention...Only Time will tell...If I will finally have my I can take over this Planet.' He laughed evilly and left the tank with Blitz in it.
Blitz' mind was slowly sinking more and more into a deeper catatonic state, his mind began slipping away. 'The I'm on'
The Long awaited Chapter 3 is here!!
sorry it took so long, been super busy, depressed and stuff but anyway, Hope you Enjoy!

Blitz had left in the Dark of Night, He goes to face the figure, but who knows what he will uncover about himself, and how this battle will culminate months of struggle between the figure and Team Heroes. Only one way to find out, Here! on Hedgehog Adventures! Stay Tuned!

Blitz / Necros / Selina/ (c) Me
Destiny (c) :iconmysticalgrl24:
Emma (c) :icontropicalocean:
Keira/Liam/Ice (c) :iconkeirawinstanley:
Tornado / Saber (c) :icontitothealienhog:
DJV (c) :icondjvm4god:
Flash (c) :iconflashthehedgecatneon:
Slyther (c) :iconagent-pudding:
Leo (c) :icontechnogamerspriter:
Sora (c) :iconbolt-teh-yoshi:
Glade (c) :iconbladeswipe:
Dominoe (c) :iconmylittlepluto:
Mikau (c) :iconsoul-of-light-64:
Vaan (c) :iconblavkblaze365:
Wesley (c) :iconmanknux5667:
Dante (c) :iconsonic2344:
Midnight (c) :iconshadowandmaria4ever:
Maria Robotnik (c) :iconlu-raziel:
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